Friday, December 5, 2008

ok. i know it has been a long ol' time and i have been harassed for not posting more often. i dont really have any real excuses so i will give a brief review of the past 5 months.

reunion with matt's family. fun times. 8th wedding anniversary. super dupe.

ian's 5th birthday. awesome yo. matt out of town a whole heck of a lot. not so much awesome yo.

colin's 2nd birthday. cute face. trip to star valley. fun and freezing. weezer concert the hook.
matt's 34 birthday. depressing. halloween. loved it! matt out of town a whole lot again.

matt out of town again..luckily his las trip of the year..thanksgiving in freezing cold st george. i loved it. my mom is the best cook in the whole world and we have not been able to spend thanksgiving with her for years. we pilrimaged and bunked with her as the house we were supposed to rent fell through. thanksgiving day was filled with food and fun. nothing is better than eating and hanging out with the fam. mmm...pie.
black friday shopping was fun. i got a few things but the workers are what make me keep coming back year after year. they are so serious and act like $4 pjs are the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. so i went to walmart at 4:00 with two of my sisters carrie and christi. carrie didn't need to buy anything so she was going to camp out by the pjs. i needed a new camera so i opted for the camera line and then christi needed some video games accessories and she waited in that line. At 4:50, i heard this lightning like sound of hungry shoppers shredding the protective shrink wrapping with their teeth and grabbing whatever they could. At 4:51, i had three cameras in hand and went to saunter off to find carrie. i found carrie patiently waiting until 5. i explained that all the electronic stuff was gone and to grab some pjs. the chic in charge of pjs shot me the look of death and said it was 4:57 not 5:00 yet. truly priceless. big ticket items are already leaving the store and she won't let anyone take their pjs. i guess she is entitled to a power trip. good times. saw twilight twice. great.
our family christmas party was on sunday. it was great to start the holiday season off with a party. i think the favorite gift received were goldfish filled bubblegum machines. everytime someone opened one my neice, maycee, would freak out and get all excited.

and last night, we had a joint triple threat birthday party for chics in my ward who have birthdays on the 11th and 12th of december. we karaoked and danced in a circle. i think i lost 5 lbs laughing so much. it was so much fun. so thanks to all who came and made it fun. baby bye bye bye. bye. bye


Jennifer said...

I love the pajama story, classic. I had a blast last night. So funny and fun. Thanks for being such a rad dj. You rock!!

Katie McCaul said...

HOORAY YOU ARE BACK!!! Last night was so funny. Sounds like you have had a fun crazy few months. Thanks for making the party so fun:)

Colleen said...

Best birthday party ever. I'm glad we can be birthday buds, though I maintain the superiority of the 11th. And I'm totally sore from the dance party.