Friday, June 6, 2008


If it is made of Lego blocks, I will buy it. come on, what is cuter than shooting bad guys and having them explode into little blocks, building little lego contraptions so you can cross a snake filled gorge. Lego Indiana Jones came out on tuesday and i it killed me to wait until wednesday to buy it. overall it is harder than lego star wars but it is more innovative. two thumbs up! buy it yo! i love it!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am not spoiled, DANG IT!

Recently, i have caught some flack for being spoiled and lazy by someone who should know better. in the past two days, i have fixed our sprinklers, weeded weeds, planted flowers, mowed the lawn, ate some weeds, chopped down my giant tree in my front yard, figured out what i needed to fix our fence to avoid a fine and went and took care of it, got three strikes in a wii game of bowling, beat matt at boxing at the wii 17 knock outs(i dare anyone to beat that), cleaned the house, been a mom all the while doing everything else. for stay at home moms everywhere, we ARE NOT lazy and/or spoiled. i guess it depends what your definition of spoiled is. do my kids love me? i love them? i love my husband? i lucky enough to stay home? yes..does it take sacrifices. yes..i guess to my brothers benefit i did wear steve madden flip flops while doing all my chores. but then again they cost me $8 at think before you speak lil' buddy.