Tuesday, December 9, 2008

its been one week since i ate banana nut stuffed toast

woo hoo!! today is the 9th!! woo hoo!!! only 7 days left until we leave for the land of Oregon! oh how i can not wait to be there. food tastes better there maybe because they have some of my favorite restaurants like Busick Court and Bennett's. i sleep better there. the air is cleaner there. the grass is greener there. matt's parents live in Salem and plan on going on a mission soon. Once they get home from their mission, they will be moving to Utah and closer to the grandkids. Therefore, this is the last chance for us to spend Christmas in Oregon. so all of the family is making their way north for christmas and then spending a week on the Seaside coast. i havent put anything christmas up here since we will be gone i thought it a waste of time and so now i am excited to cut a christmas tree down as soon as we land and decorating and such. i am really hoping and praying for a simple christmas i begged them to promise to me but they never promise such things. whatever santa brings we have to fly home so i guess that will limit it somewhat. my nephew turns 17 tomorrow. it was 17 years ago i became an aunt at the ripe age of 10. oh the memories.

yumm-o! Matt has work off for 3 weeks! 21 days of solace.

oh and for that nativity thing it is over for the year. they do it friday, saturday and monday. so i will let you guys know next year. it is on 900 n main street in alpine.


Jennifer said...

If you love it so much why don't yo marry it? That sounds so great. I hope you have a lovely time. Not that I'm looking to get rid of you, but maybe you could live in Oregon in their house while they are on their mission.

Lorien said...

Hey, did you know that the last time you posted was in DECEMBER? How are you and your family? Post some!!! :)

BeeP said...