Tuesday, July 15, 2008

trip to the endodontist

i went to the endodontist and as he was drilling away and the discovered my root was too short and that i would need an implant instead of anything else. so luckily today i only had to spend a fraction of the cost of getting my tooth fixed and then i will just have to sell my kids to pay for the rest of my implants..why oh why dont we have dental insurance?


Jennifer said...

Okay, I repent for complaining about my insurance. I am grateful I have at least something. I already have one Ian so I will take one Colin. You let me know the cost.

Kristen said...

oh, that just sounds miserable. I'm so sorry.
Come and visit me and you can complain about it in person. (hehehe) :)

Colleen said...

Oh man, that stinks. Hey, look on the bright side! Soon you'll never have to worry about cavities again, right?